Be Happy

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Be Happy

-By Anand Desai

“Happy with life”, thinking, sitting in a bar, alone, sipping another pint of Peroni, I am talking to my life as if he is sitting beside me having another pint on my money, “What’s your problem life? Why are you acting like Negro’s left bum? You are never fair and never right.”


“You made me see too much hard time. Why are you doing this to me? If not counting the fact that I like drinking peroni, I really don’t wish to sit here alone, hopeless without any friend or family.  Why life? Why?” I continued.


But then Steward’s amused look made me realize that I am talking to myself and looking like a complete toad. Before they think I am too drunk to be given another pint, I decided to think inside and not speak. When you are sad you always think why you, why only you? From these millions of people, why only you had to suffer? But then if we think deeply, you realize that it’s not only you, everyone has their fair share of pain in this world. You always think there is you who are subjected to more pain than anyone else but you know there is Murphy ’s Law also working there. So don’t worry.


There is also a law which says pain and happiness are always equally divided between us. Everyone has exactly same amount of happiness in this world and exactly same amount of pain. It’s just that the form of pain changes. Pain for someone not necessarily is pain for other. If I drop my beer from the table, its pain for me to lose quality stuff, but for the restaurant its happiness because I will call for another pint.


A couple cuddling on another table looks happy but the boy constantly looks downwards and talks. He shall be worrying something. He has pain but he has his love also beside him.


The suited bar manager smiles with effort, it’s his pain but that earns his family a bread. It’s happiness for them too.


The beggar family outside the bar have lot of pain to gather food, but their children play freely all day, man sleeps on road like a king. Their satisfaction is happiness for them.

So what I have understood.?

I understand now, there is no point of being sad over you pain. Instead you should find the happy moments in your life and savor them. And you need to keep working towards turning your pain into happiness. Like what Sachin said, when people throw stones at you; you need to turn them in to milestones. I would say when people throw stones at you; make a home with them, free of cost.

Be Happy.

– Anand me raho hamesha 😇 ( Be always joyful.)


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