Yet nothing has changed

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Yet Nothing Has Changed 

-By Richa Bose



Yet nothing has changed, a voice shouted
A heart, my heart ignited
Yet many has turned the page
And many were staring the date

What has asked you to move on
A corner spoke
My lips didn’t trembled,
But tears spoke, what lead me who i am not

So fake you are, this is not you
My mind quarreled,
A smile asked, to turn the sheet
When i was real, and world’s treat

So what, is this you, not any frame
My camera tried to fit in
My figurines obey my words, face said
I asked to click beauty, so it did

Every end have your name,but why don’t words carry you
My poetry inquired
I am too heavy to be lifted,carried, and move
When i will fit in the frame, every page starting will have my name

Still you don’t speak, and you expect to be read
My eyes asked
Beautifully responded, by my voice,
Reading you is easy, I am just a choice

But why you still walk alone, no one to hold
My roads ask
Legs replied, her destiny is sole her
No can accompany, or steal it from her

Still you see, you smile and move away
You capture, but you never stay
I said, have you seen river to stop, by lovers
It has stories to write, and they are just its chapter

You have made me home,for so many souls
My heart popped
I love all, forever
My soul respond

But still I ponder
Need to find, where is my wonder
But may be not,
Its just me, in everything, from leaves on tree to leaves under.

Richa Bose 18-02-2017

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