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About all of these lazy amateur writers who crossed on a social networking site’s “Let’s Write a Story” group. Despite their background, age and gender they all have one thing in common; passion for writing. Enthusiasm and stimulus of Anand, compositions and creativity of Sarah, suggestions and wits of Swas, support and rhymes of Richa in the end original concept and brains of Naman. Hence, as a result LazyQuills come into being.

Pehchaan-The Intro

The Core

Anand Desai

Anand Desai (though software engineer by profession) is a travel freak, photography enthusiast and a hardcore foodie and cook. His passion is to write about travel and capture memories in photo and articles. Travel doesn’t mean reaching a destination for him; he believes that it’s the journey which changes one’s life. Anand is also learning the food history of India to explore the history of local cuisines. Anand’s motto in life is: LIFE IS ABOUT GOING PLACES! Because no matter what where you have been or how far you have come, THERE IS ALWAYS FURTHER TO GO!

Naman Nimbale

Naman Nimbale, student of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering is “extremely lazy” as stated by his director 😛 , though it’s not true he reads, observes, deduce and prefers to stay behind the curtains. Areas of interest : Gaining knowledge and programming nerd. An avid bookworm also he is a fan of anime series Naruto and One Piece ( Yup! another Japanese manga fan). Motto of his life: SCIENTIA SIT POTENTIA (Knowledge is power). Without knowledge you are just a literate person.

Our Contributors


Richa Bose, while an associate system engineer in the field of IT. Her passion in writing poems is truly illuminating which is clearly visible in her writing style. Also her interest lies in capturing the special moments when she can. Hence, also a photographer.


“But only in their dreams can men be truly free. It was thus, and always thus will be.” These lines by Robin Williams (John Keating; Dead Poet’s Society) define the girl writing this. Yes! she lives in her own world and a cherry on cake, she is a literature student. She loves to go to different places on earth in her dreams and sometimes even toil enough to put those intangible thoughts to tangible contours on paper (after all she isn’t that lethargic). Hope you would enjoy reading creative writings authored by Sarah.


Swas is a Computer Engineering student in Mumbai. She enjoys her time by being anonymous and doing all the fun with others. In her free time, drawing, reading, riding her Sooty, trying different street foods are Ms. Swas pastimes. She is an amateur writer and so developing her own skill at writing. You can find her @noWhere 😛


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